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For personal use.


  • Easily keep pet and farm medical records
  • Keep track of multiple appointments
  • Keep track of vaccination reminders
  • Inventory management
  • Get low stock alert
  • Get alert for goods about to expire
  • Easily sell items, track daily and monthly sales
  • Issue receipts and invoices by email and print
  • Manage your pharmacy and prescriptions
  • Easily track debts
  • Track daily and monthly sales
  • Single user
  • Available on cloud from any location
  • Enjoy constant improvement and updates

For private veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Everything in free plus:

  • Manage multiple staff
  • Manage multiple clinics
  • Manage multiple shops and warehouse
  • Detailed accounting software
  • Easily get financial reports and statements
  • Track suppliers, debts and credits
  • Manage multiple laboratories
  • Manage laboratory requests and reports
  • Manage your veterinary drug manufacturing company

For Federal veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Everything in private plus:

  • State wide disease report projects
  • Regional and state wide clinics and laboratories
  • Interstate laboratory and disease information requests
  • Customised projects based on the request